Why should students join the PTSA?


As a student, you know what's happening in your school and you are uniquely qualified to determine how your education can be improved. You can provide this important student perspective for PTA/PTSA ideas and programs. Instead of being spoken for, you can speak for yourself. After all, you are the reason there is an education system.

The Parkway PTSA meetings provide you with an open forum for discussing students' needs in the school.

  • You can make a difference in your community and school through involvement in the PTSA.
  • Parkway PTSA involvement can help you gain leadership skills by serving as a chairperson of a committee.
  • PTSA is one of the few youth-focused organizations which give its youth members equal opportunity, equal responsibility and an equal vote. Your PTA/PTSA membership entitles students to the same rights and privileges as adult members. 
Parkway PTSA is an excellent way to meet people and to get involved in your school and in your education. You can make an impact on school policy or you will have a voice in determining the direction of your education.